CAMON Rotavators 

CAMON Rotavators are the most popular in the UK today. Unbeatable performance and reliability for every customer.

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CAMON LA20 Lawn Aerator


Good aeration is vital for the health of any lawn and has never been easier to achieve than with the CAMON LA20 Lawn Aerator.






CAMON C2000 Tiller


Perfect for cultivating garden borders and vegetable plots


CAMON C8 Rotavator


The CAMON C8 Rotovator is a tough and durable machine suited for all ground conditions and environments.

CAMON C50i Chipper

Effective for disposing of garden waste including branches, brushwood an pruning.



CAMON C10 Rotavator


A versatile rotavator with the choice of petrol or diesel engine.


CAMON C13 Rotavator


The C13 offers fantastic performance and has the benefit of being able to operate a wide variety of other implements.



CAMON  LS42 Lawn Scarifier


The CAMON LS 42 range compromises a Lawn Scarifier, Lawn Rake, and Lawn Slitter each offering truly effective performance results.