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Airion Blower

Protected against dust and moisture and 100% waterproof, AIRION 2 is designed to withstand the test of time. Perfectly balanced while being operated, AIRION 2 can be used for several hours without fatigue or tension in the wrist.


The range of PELLENC ULiB batteries enables professional use of our tools. ULiB batteries allow the user to do a full day’s work without having to recharge. PELLENC is the inventor of professional battery operated tools.

City Cut Brush Cutter

The new CITY CUT cutting head, which is particularly suited to the maintenance of urban spaces and weeding without pesticides or projections, completes the range of cutting heads compatible with the EXCELION 2000.

Cleaning Sweeper

The CLEANION sweeper is ideal for removing snow during the winter months. CLEANION’s many accessories make it multifunctional, and with its Zero Turn function, its forward speed and reverse gear, it is very handy as well.

Cultivation Soil Cultivator

The CULTIVION soil cultivator is the only one of its kind in the world and can be used across a large range of applications from working the soil to weeding. Due to its lightweight and stable characteristics, CULTIVION is very easy to use. CULTIVION can work both at the surface and at depth.

Excellion 2000 Brush Cutter

Designed for routine maintenance or intensive strimming, the EXCELION 2000 Professional will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Fixion Tying Machine

The PELLENC tying machine simplifies the work with its accelerated tying: up to 12,000 ties per day with no effort. It easily and quickly carries out a job that is often long and tedious.

Helion Hedge Trimmers

trimmers are efficient tools that meet the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Their odourless operation and light weight allow the user to work comfortably when trimming hedges, ornamental trees and also for pruning with the new HELION 2 COMPACT.

Prunion Pruning Shears

With a weight of less than 900 grams, the Prunion pruner offers users unbeatable cutting power and work quality. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with.

Rasion Basic Mower

Weighing less than 25 kg, the RASION BASIC lawnmower revolutionises working conditions for green space professionals. Ultra-manoeuvrable, easily transportable and with unmatched power, the RASION BASIC offers impeccable cut quality for all types of mowing work undertaken by landscapers and local authorities

Rasion Smart Mower

The variable speed model of this professional range of mowers surprises by its design as much as by its technicality. It is the lightest professional mower in its class, has a cutting width of 60 cm and is equipped with a double blade. RASION SMART was developed with the sole aim of improving the working conditions of its users.

Selion Pole Saws

The SELION P180 fixed polesaw and the SELION T150/200 and SELION T220/300 telescopic polesaws offer precision cutting.

Selion Pruning Chainsaw

The SELION M12 pruner is one of a kind, thanks to its weight and its exceptional design, which lends itself to a wide range of potential uses. Selion M12 facilitates the gentle pruning work of shade trees, ornamental trees and robust hedges. It is distinguished by its compactness, fineness and the quality of its cut.

Selion Top Handle Chainsaw

Pruning requires specialised knowledge and suitable equipment. PELLENC offers arborists a model that will meet their expectations in terms of weight, balance, manoeuvrability, and power.

Solution Solar Charging System

Once the photovoltaic panels (PV) have been installed at the operating site, the Solerion makes use of the solar energy converted by the PV panels, thanks to the MPPT* load regulator for optimum recharge of the connected battery.