Selion Top Handle Chainsaw

Pruning requires specialised knowledge and suitable equipment. PELLENC offers arborists a model that will meet their expectations in terms of weight, balance, manoeuvrability, and power.



2kg of power and precision in your hands

Pruning requires specialised knowledge and suitable equipment. PELLENC offers arborists a model that will meet their expectations in terms of weight, balance, manoeuvrability, and power. Equipped with numerous innovations, the new SELION C21 HD pruner has more torque and is the lightest on the


  • Specifically designed for arborists, for use with the ultra-flat POLY 5 battery.
  • PELLENC Brushless motor 2,000 W (equivalent to 45 cm3)
  • New motor for even better performance (increased torque).
  • New magnesium casing for better chip evacuation.
  • New guide for constant and optimal chain tension.
  • Battery life provides a full day of pruning work.


  • Weighs only 2 kg.
  • The claw enables a more solid grip on branches and trunks.
  • Reinforced front hand guard.


  • At least €7 in petrol saved per day.
  • Time savings.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Up to 30 % less chain oil used


  • Noise-free operation.
  • Zero emissions and zero waste

  • Selion-C21-HD-4-securites-innovantes

    4 Innovative safety mechanisms

    Kickback sensor with electronic start-up instantly triggers an electric chain brake in the event of a fall or kickback, and is 8 times more sensitive than a petroloperated chainsaw chain brake.

    Tool auto-diagnostic system. SELION checks during first use that the electronic kickback sensor is operational, if this is the case, the machine will operate.

    The double-press start-up trigger prevents accidental start-up of the chainsaw.

    Low kickback OREGON ® chains: the kickback phenomenon, if it occurs, will be much less violent.

  • Selion-C21-HD-Moteur-plus-performant

    A more efficient motor

  • Selion-C21-HD-Griffe

    The claw

    Enables a more solid grip on branches and trunks.

  • Selion-C21-HD-Carter


    The shape of the magnesium casing offers improved evacuation of swarf, increased solidity and optimal lightness.

  • Selion-C21-HD-Frein-de-chaine

    Chain brake-electronic switching

    The chain brake activates instantly in case of fall or kick-back.

  • Selion-C21-HD-Tension-automatique-chaine

    Automatic chain tension

    The chain guide is mounted on a spring which allows the chain to tighten automatically.

  • Selion-C21-HD-gestion-electronique

    Electronic management of oil flow

    The system adjusts chain lubrication according to the cutting force required.

  • Selion-C21-HD-Cle-escamotable

    A folding key is integrated

    This wrench retightens the chain and gives quick access to the pin and the chain.


 Standard equipment. Optional equipment
Max. power – W 2,000
Heat engine equivalence – cm³ 45
Weight – Kg 2
Motor speed – rpm 6,200
Chain speed – m/s 14,5
Guide length – cm/inches 30 / 12’’
Oregon chain: Pitch/Type/Number of links ¼ ’’/ 25AP / 70E
Pinion 11 quarter inch (¼ ‘’) teeth
Tank capacity – cl 25
Noise level (LPA)* – dB(A) 84
Guaranteed noise level (LWA)* – dB(A) 96
Front handle vibration level (ah)** – m/s² 2,8
Peristaltic pump
Automatic chain tensioner
Integrated retractable key
Electronic chain brake
Battery life*** with POLY 5 ULiB Up to 1 day

* Values determined according to the acoustic measurement standards DIN EN ISO 3744:1995 and DIN EN ISO 11201:1996.
** Vibration emission value following DIN EN 60745-2-13:2008 – Kd uncertainty = 1.5 m/s².
*** For information: the times were observed in actual working time, without taking breaks into consideration. Battery life is influenced by the nature of the work required.

Accessories & consumables


Biodegradable chain saw oil

This refined vegetable oil is formulated for improved greasing of chainsaw chains whether manual or automatic. It is particularly stable to oxidation.

For use in “sensitive” areas: forest in the vicinity of of water catchment areas, lakes, etc.

A high performance lubricant.
Meets the RAL UZ-48 standard.
Virtually colourless and odourless.
Contains a spinnbarkeit agent and biodegradable thickeners that significantly improves the adhesiveness, thus reducing projections and consumption,


12˝ guide

30 cm guide made of composite material.
Sold as standard


12˝ carving guide bar

Carving bar.


¼ ˝ 25AP – 70E OREGON chain

Anti-kickback chain.


Sharpening kit

Contents: round file, flat file and splitter.

 *Specifications are correct at time of print and are subject to change without notice.


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