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A cordless, battery powered grass trimmer and lawn edger from Stiga, the high-quality Swedish power garden tools (and table tennis) manufacturer. The Stiga SGT 48 AE Cordless Handheld Grass Trimmer is designed to be easy to use, with a lightweight ergonomic design that’s durable while still easy to use. It’s started with an easy push-button and has a guide wheel mounted on the fully rotating head for trimming edges, as well as an automatic line feed. The latter is great as it means you don’t have to fiddle around in a mulch-coated trimmer head – just restart the Stiga SGT 48 AE Cordless Handheld Grass Trimmer and more line will be fed out.
The 2.5Ah battery provides a 20 minute run time with a 35 minute recharge, but a larger 5.0Ah battery is also available, and with two batteries you can have one charging while the other runs – with time for a tea break in the middle.
In addition, the powerpacks fit multiple tools in Stiga’s lightweight 48 volt range, meaning that you can run tools for all kinds of garden work off the same power pack, streamlining your supply chain somewhat. In addition, the Stiga SGT 48 AE Cordless Handheld Grass Trimmer has all the advantages of modern battery tools – no cord to get tangled or cut, no petrol tank to replace and no pull cord to struggle with, plus it’s a lot quieter and lighter on the vibration front. This is a proper modern tool for the city or suburban garden, and a great way to get your grass looking pristine.