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Airion Blower

Protected against dust and moisture and 100% waterproof, AIRION 2 is designed to withstand the test of time. Perfectly balanced while being operated, AIRION 2 can be used for several hours without fatigue or tension in the wrist.


The range of PELLENC ULiB batteries enables professional use of our tools. ULiB batteries allow the user to do a full day’s work without having to recharge. PELLENC is the inventor of professional battery operated tools.


Power through a full day’s work* on a single charge. Robust and weatherproof, the ergonomic design is also NON-SLIP, comfortable to wear.



The brush cutter attachment comes with a three-sided metal blade that is ideal for tackling thick brush and also for mowing. The metal blade can be removed and replaced with a nylon line head.

BCS 615SL Crusader Power Scythe

Why the BCS 615SL Crusader Power Scythe?
The BCS 615SL is simple to manoeuvre and straightforward to operate, even in confined areas. The driven wheels and powerful cutting teeth mean that user input is kept to a minimum; you let the scythe do the work for you.

BCS 630 Crusader Power Scythe

Why the BCS 630 Crusader Power Scythe?
The BCS 630 is the largest machine in the Crusader range. The power unit has a powerful Honda GX270 engine and large 5.00 x 10 wheels.


BCS 630BF Bank Flail Mower

Why the BCS 630BF Bank Flail Mower?
The BCS 630BF will effortlessly cut vegetation on steep slopes up to a 40° gradient, remaining stable and safe under the direct control of the operator.

BCS 630WS Bank Commander

Why the BCS 630WS Bank Commander?
Featuring a heavy duty drive system, a low centre of gravity and simple controls, the 630WS can be fitted with a choice of implement heads for a range of tasks including grass cutting and clearing, estate maintenance and snow clearing.