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Camon C10 Rotavator


The CAMON C10 Rotavator, manufactured by BCS S.p.A., is a versatile and powerful rotavator that can be fitted with more attachments as required.

Camon C13 Rotavator


The CAMON C13, manufactured by BCS S.p.A., can operate over 25 attachments for grass cutting, snow clearing, cultivation and estate maintenance.

Camon C15 Rotavator


The CAMON C15 is manufactured by BCS S.p.A. and is one of the most powerful walk behind rotavators available today and has a huge reinforced 85cm rotavator box and the option of a Honda GX390 petrol or a Kohler KD440 diesel engine.

Camon C2000 Tiller


Why the C2000?
The C2000 is a superb tiller that is the ideal tool for commercial and domestic applications. Designed and built by us in Sussex, the C2000 Tiller is easily capable of producing excellent results on previously cultivated ground such as garden borders, allotments and vegetable plots.


Camon C50i Portable Wood Chipper


The CAMON C50i Garden Chipper
The C50i Garden Chipper is a reliable, strong and powerful machine for reducing your garden waste including branches, brushwood and prunings into compost and mulch.

Camon C8 Rotavator


The CAMON C8 Rotavator, manufactured by BCS S.p.A., has built a reputation as a tough and durable machine that will perform in even the most demanding of conditions. With a powerful Honda GX270 petrol engine, this rotavator can tackle the toughest digging jobs.

Camon LA25 Lawn Aerator


Why aerate your lawn?
There are two main reasons to aerate your lawn.
1. REMOVE SUB-SURFACE THATCH: If your lawn has lots of thatch (dead grass), it will starve the roots from essential water and nutrients.

Camon LA42 Lawn Scarifier


The CAMON LS42 range comprises a Lawn Scarifier, Lawn Rake, and Lawn Slitter, each producing outstanding results in different applications.

Camon LS14 Lawn Scarifier


Why scarify my lawn?
On every lawn there is the build up of older dead grass amongst the green blades and it is by removing this that you can seriously improve the health of your lawn. Likewise a build up of moss on your lawn can also be removed by using our CAMON scarifiers.

Camon SG30 Stump Grinder


Designed to meet the needs of a variety of users from DIY hirers to professional contractors, we have developed the SG30 Stump Grinder to ensure it will provide fantastic performance and lower running costs, and combined it with superior parts and a build quality that will ensure you can earn a significant return on your investment.

Camon TC07 Turf Cutter


Why the TC07?
Designed and manufactured by Tracmaster, the CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter is a highly effective self-propelled machine that will cut a 30cm (12″) wide strip of turf cleanly, quickly and effortlessly. This outstanding machine is the ideal aid for gardeners and contractors who are looking to landscape an already turfed area, and is the perfect tool for removing turf prior to laying artificial grass.