Camon C50i Portable Wood Chipper

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Camon C50i

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The CAMON C50i Garden Chipper
The C50i Garden Chipper is a reliable, strong and powerful machine for reducing your garden waste including branches, brushwood and prunings into compost and mulch.

Why the C50i Garden Chipper?
The C50i is designed and built by us in West Sussex. It is very simple and safe to operate, and has a number of practical features to ensure great performance time after time.

The C50i is a gravity fed machine, so the chute has been designed to sit at a steep angle to ensure the vegetation reaches the chipping blade.

To use the machine simply drop the vegetation to be chipped into the feed chute, it will then be chopped by the chipping blade and fired out of the discharge chute. The optional collection bag can be used to help make the disposal easier, or the chippings can be fired directly onto the ground.

The machine is fitted with puncture proof wheels and transport handles to make moving it around as easy as possible.

For transportation and storage the feed chute is easily disconnected in seconds, so minimising space required.