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NEW 56v 10Ah Li-Ion Battery



The new 10Ah battery can be used on all EGO products*. It enables operators extra runtime without the need for multiple batteries. The BA5600T is ideal for use by professionals in conjunction with the backpack harness BHX1000, optimising user comfort.

NEW 56v 45cm Oregon Brushless Motor W/O BATTTERY & CHARGER



Equipped with a long 45cm / 18″ Oregon guide bar and chain, the EGO Power+ is one of the most powerful rechargeable chainsaws of its kind to enable users to cut faster while still maintaining great comfort and safety. It can be powered by any one of the 56V lithium-ion batteries in the Power+ range, each of which delivers 40 per cent more power than the leading 40 volt battery.

NEW Bristle Brush Attachment



Make short work of sweeping hard surfaces with our easy-to-attach bristle brush. The 1.5mm bristles make it ideal for cleaning the toughest areas whilst protecting the operator from flying debris. Clear moss and wet leaves from hard surfaces easily with the new bristle brush attachment. For use with PH1400E multi tool power head, the BBA2100 Bristle Brush and ARB2100 Paddle Broom and are easily inter changeable.

With a 560mm cleaning swath and a tilling speed of 240rpm (high).

NEW Paddle Broom (Pair)


EGARB2100 This EGO ARB2100 Paddle Broom Accessory is great for clearing patios, lawns, driveways and can be used to move water and snow. For use with the EGO PH1400E multi-tool power head the EGO ARB2100 Paddle Broom and the EGO BBA2100 Bristle Brush are easily inter changeable.

  • Dimensions: L 102 x W 56.5 x H 29.5cm
  • Rotation Speed: High 240rpm, low 210rpm
  • Bristle Diameter: 1.5mm
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty